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Add a wheel alignment

Correct wheel alignment is a major determinant of how much life you get out of your tyres. We can check your vehicle and make sure you’re driving safely, this should be a must when fitting new tyres.

And not all wheel alignments are equal we have one of the most advanced wheel alignment machines available today so rest assured your vehicle will have the best in the market.


Add a nitrogen fill

Fill my tyres (x4) with Nitrogen.
Air vs Nitrogen Inflation
Compressed air will leak out of a tyre rapidly. Alternatively, nitrogen will leak three or four times more slowly than compressed air. Because of this stability in air pressure, nitrogen can offer some pretty useful advantages:

* Better fuel economy
* Longer tyre life
* Improved grip
* Safer driving


Puncture Repairs

No one likes getting a flat tyre! We can repair your punctures, or have them vulcanised, saving you the hassle and cost of replacing a damaged tyre. Free Puncture Repairs Excludes Vulcanising


Wheel and Tyre Checks

Wheel and Tyre Checks
Your safety on the road is important to us and that’s why at Top Town we offer a FREE Tyre Safety & Pressure Check.